Short Tailed Opossum
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Short Tailed Opossum
On 7/16/05, i became the proud owner of a pet Short Tailed Opossum.

I named him, Shippo.
Shippo loves to hang out in his tower of his critter Trail house.
He enjoys late night runs on his wheel as well.
He eats ferret food and occassionally will nibble on a yogurt drop, he also likes flys and mealworms.
Shippo can't quite figure out the running ball as he can't figure out what to do with his tail.
Shippo will give you a little warning by vibrating right before he goes to the bathroom, so if he is vibrating set him down or watch out!
He has lots of little teeth inside that mouth, but he eats sort of sideways so he can't chomp you.
You can get a good view of his teeth when he yawns.
He can use his tail to help support him get around and will use it to help in climbing and hanging onto things.
Shippo passed away on 5/8/08. He was 3 years old. He was sort of tired for about 3 days and than passed away for unknown reasons.
Meet Shippo below!

Shippo hanging out.

Shippo hanging upside down.

Shippo hanging on to a hand.

Shippo exploring the bed.

Shippo hanging on a hand.

Shippo peaking out of his cage on his igloo.

Shippo sitting next to his igloo.

Shippo Hanging out.

See the Chubby Opossum.

Extreme Close up!

Shippo's House.

Shippo, what big eyes you have.

Shippy, ship, ship.

Shippo exploring.

Shippo -Busted.

Shippo out and about.

Shippo on the bed.

Shippo on the bed.

Shippo checking out the new tent.

Shippo looking cute as can be.

AAhhhhh.....Shippo you are so cute!!

Shippo out exploring.

Shippo hiding in his newpaper nest.

Shippy gettin' a petting.