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Guinea Pigs for adoption
Disco's Critters Breedery:

I am a USDA Licensed Small animal Breeder Located in Chaska, MN.
I breed Fancy Rats, Fancy Mice, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, African soft fur rats, Spiny Mice and Hedgehogs.
Being a USDA licensed breeder means i am able to sell to pet stores if i want to.
However i find private adoptions much more rewarding and is better for the animals when they can be directly placed into a good loving home.
All my piggies are handled from birth and bred for Pet quality.

Guinea Pig Information:

I have 7 breeding Pairs.
I keep the males in with the female all the time as i think Daddy does a great job at helping raise the babies and it helps makes them friendlier towards other Guinea pigs.
I use Aspen Bedding.
Guinea pigs require large cages so they have room to run around.
I use Guinea pig cages or Plastic white or clear storage totes that are at least 2 feet by 3 feet.
I feed my Guinea pigs Heims Guinea pig food which i buy in bulk directly from the production mill. The food is very fresh so there is minimal Vitamin C evaporation .
Guinea pigs require baths every few months and also will need nail trimming once a month.
If the nails are not kept trimmed they will curl around and can start to grow into the little piggie's feet. Which is painful and can cause infection.
Pig owners should be aware that nail trimming is necessary and be willing to trim the piggies nails themselves or bring to a Vet or someone able to do the trimming.
Some long haired Guinea pigs -such as Silkies or Peruvians, hair can grow quite long and may drag on the floor of the cage and get tangled and dirty so bathing and or a haircut would be needed from time to time.
Guinea pigs need vitamin C in their diet. Some Vitamin C comes in their pellet foods but they also need Vegetables for extra Vitamin C.
If guinea pigs do not receive enough Vitamin C they can get very ill and develop Scurvy.
Guinea pigs should be fed fresh vegetables such as Collard greens, Romaine Lettuce, peas and carrots a few times a week.
They also enjoy Oranges and Dandylions.
They need to be fed Timothy Hay, Alfalfa or a grass product a couple of times a week to help digestion and grind their teeth.
Alfalfa can not be digested as well so should only be fed Alfalfa a couple times a week. (not daily) Timothy hay is a better choice.
Guinea pigs are very messy, their cages need cleaning Frequently. They are high maintenance animals.
If you aren't prepared to clean cages frequently then i would suggest getting a lower maintenance pet.
Guinea pigs can be smelly, especially if cage cleaning isn't kept up with. If you are sensitive to animal smells then a Guinea pig may not be the pet for you.
Guinea pigs due best in pairs!
Switzerland actually made a law that it is illegal to only have one guinea pig due to them being such social critters.

Guinea Pigs for Adoption:

She-ra (Brown/Orange Skinny Mother) & Taz (Black and White Crested Lakeland Father) babies:
Born 12/28/18
Black & White Crested Lakeland Male

Chocolate & White Crested Lakeland Male

Black & White Lakeland Male

The Adoption process:

Email me if interested in adopting.
Email: DiscoPanth@gmail.com
I am located in Chaska, MN.
We set up a day and time that works for both of us and you see if you like any piggies and if they like you.
Please bring a box or carrier with you for transporting the piggie.

Adoption Fees:

Most Guinea pigs are $25 per piggie.
Peruvians are $30 per piggie
Skinny Pigs/Werewolfs are $50 per piggie.

Updated 1/27/19

Email me for Adoption Information and/or Questions.
Email: DiscoPanth@gmail.com