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Fancy Mice for adoption
About the Breedery:

I have been breeding Rats, Mice, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters for almost 20 years.
I love all Rodents!
I am a USDA Licensed small animal breeder.
I prefer to arrange private adoptions, rather then selling to pet stores.
I find private adoptions rewarding as i get to meet fellow critter lovers and sometimes i get pictures and updates of the animals down the road. :)
I Typically have 5-6 breeding cages of mice with anywhere from 1 to 3 females per cage with 1 male.
I try to have mice available at all times.
Please email me if interested in adopting some Fancy Mice.

Mouse Information:

I Specialize in long hair and Roan mice and get a variety of colors and patterns.
Mice make good pets and can entertain you for hours.
It can be fun to make tubes and mazes for them to crawl through
Mice enjoy running on a wheel for many hours a day.
I use newspaper laid flat with shredded paper on top for bedding.
All of the mouse cages are filled with hiding houses, tubes and a wheel to keep them entertained.
I wean my mice at 21 days.
At weaning i separate the sexes and then they are kept with groups of same sex mice.
All of the mice are handled from birth and rarely bite.
These Fancy Mice are for Pets and not for food for other animals.
Mice do well in pairs or groups.

Fancy Mice For Adoption:

The available mice change so frequently it can be time consuming to take pictures of them all the time and would be hard to keep track of. So here are some pictures of breeders with past babies so you can get an idea of the variety of colors.
Blue long haired masked roan Father with babies.

Orange Mother with babies.

My prized Blue long haired masked roan male.

Orange & White mother, Brown & White Mother & Blue long haired masked roan father with babies.

Brown & White Mother with babies.

Fancy Mice Adoption Process:

I am Located in Chaska, MN (30 minutes from Minneapolis).
I prefer all adopters to come to my location to pick up their animals to ensure it is a good fit for you and the animal.
I typically have fancy mice available for adoption at all times.
I have Satin, Long hairs, Blues, Roans and all sorts of gorgeous mice! :)
You can come pick from a cageful of choices! :)

Adoption Fees:

$3 per mouse or 2 mice for $5
Mice do best in pairs or groups so i encourage getting more then 1.

Email Questions and/or adoption/Inquiries to:
Email: DiscoPanth@gmail.com