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Rat Links
This page is full of rat/rodent/Animal related Links!

Rat & small animal information Page links:

Association of colorado rat Enthusiasts Colorado breeder group and forum
Acrorats Lots of rattie (or other small animal) gifts, hammocks toys & more!
Afrma Rat club, Has lots of breeding, color/Standards & show info.
Alienrat Lots of rat pictures.
Altpet Gambian rat info & listen to Gambian rat churbling.
America Zoo Huge index on small animals species with lots of habitat information.
Animal Ark shelter No kill animal shelter & thrift store located in MN.
Animals Exotique Breeder & Wholesaler of exotic animals. Sugar Gliders, Coatimundi, Hedgehogs, Foxes and more.
Animal Diversity Web Has a huge list of Rodents with pictures, hundreds of speices, very informative site!
Animal Lovers Gift Shop Lots of animal gifts for sale!
Baby AnimalzPictures of lots of different types of animal babies.
Bellarattas Nest Rat information site.
Blackstaffrats Has pictures & info on rats. (UK site)
Breeder's assitant Program software Computer program to help figure out genetics of your rats -especially helpful to breeders.
Bunny Bunch Boutique Bunny info & supplies.
Camarattery Colorado Rat Breeder.
Cavies Galore Guinea pig community. Medical info, care, forum & more.
Capybara page Lots of Capybara info & pictures.
Cavy rescue Recycle-a-rodent, Animal rescue organization.
Cheryl's ratty page Rat information.
Colorado Mountain Meadows RatteryRat Breeder in Colorado.
Degu siteDegu information (important sexing info).
Desertusa A Kangaroo rat info site.
Enchanted Learning Animal coloring printouts and information.
ERodent Information site on small animals, lots of cute video clips.
Eva's Natal Rat page A Site about Natal rats aka African Furred rats, a new pet in Sweden, and many other small animals.
Evergreen Rattery Rat information site.
Fancyrats Lots of rat info, has rat ratio to cage calculator. (UK site)
Fat rat central Rat info (With important what not to feed your rats section.)
Federal bureau of rats Lots of rat files and info, including rat icons.
Four paws Rattery Rat information, breeder, hammocks for sale. .
Friends 4 fuzzies pet bedsRat Hammocks and carry sacks for sale .
Furry & Feathered Friends MN Small animal breeder & Wholesaler.
Fuzzbutt Hammocks, houses, snuggle beds & more for sale.
Garlyn Zoo Pictures and info on animals at the zoo, including Patogonian Cavies.
Guinea Lynx Huge Guinea pig information site!
Helen's Little Critters Texas Exotic pet breeder.
Heritage-pets Canadian Exotic pet breeder.
Mammalogy animal library Huge site of Rodent species pictures and info.
Mammals of Gambia 127 Mammal species live in Gambia.
Hawthorne Rats Huge list of colors, and varieties of rats. Scotland breeder.
Herbal Remedies Animal Herbal remedies.
Homemade toys Rat toys and houses tips
Just Rats -Virginia's rat page Breeder lists & Rat videos.
Kali the African Pouched Rat This site tells all about an African pouched rat "Kali" and her adventures.
Kims Ark Rat Rescue Rat rescue organization, has lots of rats that need good homes!
LilRatscalsRattery Rat info, pictures & more.
LilRatscalsRattery ONRMCA Forum A Rat forum to ask questions and learn about rats.
Lisa's Mainpage Rat info, Photos & Rat mazes.
Lorie's Little angels animal sancutary Animal rescue group.
Meet My pet ratsRat blog.
MgM Research Has infomation about Gambian rats being used for landmine detection, has pictures too.
Mice and rats Rat types & info pages. (UK site)
Midwest Mouse club Rat showing information club.
Mischief Rat Rescue Site owned by a true rat lover! Rat Pics & info! Also for those of you with strong stomachs rat medical information. (Tumor pictures & more.)
Mousini Huge rat picture gallery.
My pet outlet Pet related websites directory.
My pet rats Pet rat photos, e cards & more.
National Alternative Pet Association Has info on exotic pets (and some not so exotic)
National Fancy rat Society Rat care info.
National Pouched rat society Pouched rat informetion site.
One rat short Short film about rats.
Pets Boutiques Pet care products for house hold pets.
Petoftheday See all the rats that have won pet of the day!
Pet Rats Canada A club for Canadian pet rat owners, has rat info.
Pet website Rat info & breeding info.
RabbitRescue.ca Rabbit & Small animal information.
Raanisrats Texas Rat Breeder.
Rat AnswersRat information site.
Rat Assistance & Teaching society Has lots of info on learning to care for rats.
Rat Balls Rat info & lots of cute pictures.
Rat Behavior & biology Lots of rat info, rat cam, rats under black light, what rats see, etc.
Robyn's Rats present Rat cards.com Why not send a Rat Card?
Rat fan club Lots of Rat info.
Rat guide This site has Health, Medical & care information for rats.
Rathelp.org Wild Vs. domesticated rat, Fostering & more info.
Rat-info forum Rat information forum.
Rat Life This is a site about a documentary movie on Lab rats that were set free temporarily in the wild.
RatPlanet Rat General care information site.
RatRehome Info about re-homing rats in the U.K. & Rat info.
Ratsauce Lots of info on rat breeds and markings and various info.
Ratteneck German rat website and forum.
RattyRat Rat information site.
Pet loss sympathy cards Rat & mouse and other animals sympathy E cards.
Raleigh Rodent Rescue Rat Rescue Organization.
Rattypaedia A Wiki about rats!
RMCA The site has tons of info on rats
RMCA This is the direct link to help figure out how much or which medicines to give to your rat.
Rodents of unusual sweetness Seattle rat Breeder, rat pics & information.
Scamperats Scamper Art Rat art!
Science Daily Interesting article on Rat (and Human) strokes.
Small Pet Club Discussion and information site on small pets.
Know Your STO Short Tailed Opossum guide & Information site.
Silver Lining Herbs Health products (Herbs) for dogs & Horses. (Would work for ratties too!)
Sith rats Canadian Rattery, Interesting section with rats interacting with Star Wars action figures.
Spazrats Rat medical & care info, over 2 club.
Squirrels-for-you Squirrel info site, with tips on how to hand raise them.
SocRATties Rat information site.
The Agile rat Rat agility information site.
The National Opossum Society Virginia Opossum information!.
The official House Mouse page. Mouse stamps, paper items, cards & more.
The Pet center Medical website for pets. (Has pictures of an ear hematoma & more.)
The RAG (Rodents are great) Morty & Max rat comics, rat info and great stories!
The rat bar Rats in the media info & Rat party pictures!
The rats of Alpha Centauri Rat Breeding info and available litters info. (UK site, related to below site.)
The Rats of Alpha Centauri Health & info pages. (UK site, related to above site)
The Rattie Ratz Rat Rescue organization.
The Whole Mouse catalog This site has lots of info on studies done on rats & mice.
3 girls Rattery Rat breeder in WA. site.
Vet Tech Vet Tech Schools & Online Vet Tech Programs Information
Virginias rat page This site covers lots of topics about rats.
Wererat Has lots of rat info and links.(Including rat cursors for you computer.)
Whiskers 'N tails Mousery Tennessee Mouse breeder.

Links to sites with Rodent/Animal related merchandise for sale:

All plush.com Lots of plush animals for sale - including rats.
All-the-Russian.com Russian gifts for sale, including rat & mice glass animals.
Animal World Has lots of animal items for sale.
Atamaii Has Hamtaro -hamster figures for sale.
Biancas rats en Jewelry Rat pictures & Jewelry site.
Brandydesigns Handpainted wood rat signs!
Brisky Pet Products Pet store with lots of animal supplies for sale.
Bristol Zoo Gardens Zoo animal gift store.
Cavy shops Guinea pig felt figures & sweaters for your pigs for sale!
Celltei Stylish Pet carriers & pet carry bags for sale.
Cuddly Cavies Costumes, clothes and hats for guinea pigs.
Critter store Sells all kinds of supplies for small animals, including treats, food, cages & more.
Crystal River gems Sells Russian glass blown animals -including rats & mice.
Cuddly Cavies This site has great costumes for you rats & guinea pigs!
Dapper rat Lots of rat info, toy ideas, feeding, toys, hammocks, pictures, etc.
e Puppets.com This site sells lots of plush puppets, including a bunch or rats & mice!
equinecaninefeline Small animal products for sale. (UK site)
Extonaustralia Australian shirts, collectibles & animal gifts store.
Hamster Hideout Lots of Hamster related information, pictures, info, chat, merchandise and more!
Ivy Chalice Animals charms and jewelry for sale.
JagWear Makes/Sells animal jewelry!
Kangaroo Conservation Center Kangaroo & other animal gift store.
Lincrafts Animal plush for sale!
Kritters in the mailbox Sells animal related items.
Luvallrats Rat surgery Video for sale.
My little sugar glider Sugar glider care information. Small animal fabric hammocks and houses for sale.
Pamelas Corner Has Mouse plush for sale.
Puppet Gallery Animal hand puppets for sale.
Rabbit Central Pet store, selling lots of items specifically for rabbits -but many of the items would work great for rats as well.
Rataholicsanonymous Rat Merchandise for sale!
Ratmad This site sells hammocks, bags, ropes, blankets and other fun things rats love to play with.
Rat Mart Lots of rat/animal supplies for sale.
Rattie Rags Sells embroidered rat blankets.
Rattie World o' comfort Sells hammocks, tubes, beds & more for your rats.
Ratty corner Has rat gifts for sale, has rat ratio to cage calculator.
Russianglass.co.uk Lots of Russian blown glass including rats & mice.
Skyclyde Does your rat need a rat hat? If so here is a site to order them from!
Cloud rats Slender tailed Cloud rats article.
Stuffed Animals Lots of Stuffed animals for sale!
Stuffed Ark Lots of plush animals for sale -including rats.
Tapir and friends wildlife world Animal gifts for sale!
Tarzan Ferrets This site sells tubes, hammocks & other toys that rats love to play in!
The Illustrated Rat ebay store Rat Merchandise for sale.
The Illustrated Rat Rat Merchandise for sale.
The RAG (Rodents Are Great) Rat info, pictures & Rat Documentary for sale.
The Rat Shop Rat store, selling toys, treats, metal rat figures & more.
The Rat Warehouse UK rat store, rat E-cards & more.
The Rodent Store Rat shirts & more for sale.
Tsarina Sputniks Russian glass blown animals -including rats & mice.
West Coast Pet Supply Lots of animal supplies for sale.
Winking Cavy Store Has tons of Guinea pigs, rats, Hamsters & more gift store.

Rat Cams:

OMS rat Cam Webcam of rats. (altho i have never seen a rat in the picture yet!)
Zilberhere Rat cam & lots of rat video clips! A Reprieve for Lab rats article Article about Latex rats replacing real rats in some testing.

Other pet related links:
All about Frogs Huge site dedicated to frogs.
Banana slug Has funny fake article "Bush Taps Gambian Pouch Rat for Federal court seat."
BBC website Direct link to article about "Cloud rats" from the Phippines at the London Zoo.
BCEAW Lots of obscure rodent animal information
Color the animals Free coloring pages -including rats & mice!
Degu World Huge Degu information site.
You Tube Field Museum, Chicago, IL animal video.
Global Action Network This site has a list of companies that DO test on animals.
News article Scientists Reveal How Signals Travel Through Rats' Whiskers.
News article Discovery of Genetic Mutation in Florida Beach Mice Suggests Extinct Mammoth Had Light and Dark Fur.
News article "Permanently Cheerful" Mice Offer Hope For Clinical Depression.
Eastern Arc Rodents Rare Rodents found in the Eastern Arc Moutain Forests>
News article Memory experts show sleeping rats may have visual dreams.
Breeding centre for Endangered Arabian wildlife Breeding facility breeding rare rodent with info and pictures.
News article Daddy's mouse brain.
News article Mass mouse escape on Saudi plane.
News article Giant gerbils infest China.
You Tube Mine sniffing Gambian rats video.
Natural PetCare Sells Mycoplex coriolus.
Osito the kinkajou Pictures and information about Kinkajous.
Petite paws exotics Information on lots of exotic pets (spiny mice, fennec foxes, Hamsters and more).
All for animals Lists companies that do and do not test on animals.
Veterinary news Direct link to article about mycoplex coriolus and its effects on animal tumors.
MN Zoo Direct link to article about the "Cloud rat", the MN Zoo has on display.
MRL Direct link to store to buy coriolus.
123 Greetings Greeting card site -such as pet loss, birthdays & more.
Pet Edge Online Pet supply store.
Pet Finder List animals all over the world that need homes.
Pet Pictures & Pet Articles Pet Pictures & Pet Articles.
The Cute Project Cute Pet Pictures.
The rat bar A rat bar party.
Spiny Mice Spiny mouse color chart.
Suite 101 Direct link to an article about Philippine wildlife particularly "Cloud rats."
Valley Vets General care information on animals, from a Vet.
Vitabest Direct link to store that sells coriolus.
Country Supply Direct link to store that sells Ivermectin.
WESH.com Direct link to an article about finding a cure for cancer in Mice.
Wrong mouse Direct link to a funny picture -Wrong mouse.
FDA Pet food recall list
Worlds largest Rodent article1500 lb. rodent fossil found.
News articleOrphaned Hedgehogs adopt cleaning brush.
News articleGiant rat & mini opossum discovered in Indonesia.
Rats laughYou Tube video -Rats laugh when you tickle them.
Rats Feel pressure tooNewscientist rat article.
Rat rides on cat who rides on dogNews article.


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