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Hairless Rattie Pictures
Here are some pictures of my Hairless rats, past & present.

Zoomer Monkey:

Born 7/3/06. Zoomer is a darked hairless Rex. He has a stub tail and is missing a few toes and a little bit of his foot on one foot. (His mama got a little carried away when cleaning him when he was a baby.)

Zoomer checking things out.

Zoomer coming out to play.

He's growing hair!

Peaking out.

Zoomer out exploring

Zoomer having a bit of rice.

Zoomy cleaning up his face.










Beloved ratties that have passed on:

Trip Monkey:
Brought home: 7/9/02, Died 1/1/04.

This is Trip, a hairless Rex. He had a black mask on his face, pink body and white curly hairs sticking out here and there.
Trip was a very, very friendly rat, he loved to play, run around and explore!
Trip especially loved to chase Stormy, our Gambian rat. He also liked to try to hide under her.
Here is Trip Monkey as a baby.

Here is Trip eating, cleaning & Resting.

Here is Trip resting on a bench on the porch.

Sid Monkey:
Brought home with Rebel 10/3/02, Died 1/9/05.

Sid was a pink hairless Dumbo with a few Rex hairs sticking out here and there.
Sid was a very strong rat and very friendly, Sid, Trip & Rebel loved to cuddle up and sleep in a rat pile.
Here are some baby pictures of Sid -look at those big ears!

Here is Sid as an adult.

Here is Sid hanging out with Ashes & Sid hanging out with Shadow & Freak.

Here's cutie Sidney!

Sid munchin' a snack.

Sid eating some berry snacks.

Elder Sid being cuddled.

Elder brothers Sid & Rebel hanging out together after a snack (Most of which they decided to wear.).

Blue Monkey:
Brought home with Stormy on 2/10/03, died 5/6/03.

Blue had been a male breeder and his girlfriend/breeder mate died from old age and he got very depressed, so we took him, to try to make him feel better.
Blue was very shy and depressed and just didn't have much of a will to live, we tried to make him happy and comfortable but unfortunately he only lived with us about 3 months before he passed away.

Psy Monkey:

Psy Monkey came to live with us 3/13/05, he came to us with an eye injury and needed treatment. I brought him home and he had eye surgery -Twice! His first eye surgery didn't work, as the Vet used an antibacterial gel in his eye and he was allergic to it, which caused his injury not to heal, so he had to go back and have a second eye surgery. He healed up wonderfully and got along just fine with one eye.
Died: 9/10/05.

Psy Monkey out for playtime -recovering very well from eye surgery.

Psy Monkey having a scratch.

Psy Monkey hanging out on the bed.

Psy Monkey out for playtime.

Psy says "Hi!"

Gobo Monkey:

Born 3/06. Gobo was a very nice friendly hairless. Gobo was an X-male breeder. I brought him home 1/3/07. Gobo died 1/2/07.

Boomer Monkey:

Boomer is a hairless rat with dark markings on his back. He loves to play and run and burrow under blankets. He loves snacks and is super friendly.
Psy Monkey was getting very lonely as the other males rats have already established themselves and wouldn't accept him so he was forced to be by himself. He started losing a bit of weight and not eating as much, so we made the decision to get him a friend. We went and picked up Boomer on 7/23/05 an approx. 4 month old hairless male to be Psy's friend and roommate. The introductions went over wonderfully, and they were friends at first sight. They got along very well and Psy started doing much better. Boomer would pick on Psy from time to time and Psy didn't mind a bit. Unfortunately Psy passed away and Boomer was left on his own. Boomer is very outgoing and jumpy and a crazy rat, so we introduced him to the cage of males and everyone got along, and if they wanted to wrestle Boomer was right there willing and ready. Boomer now resides with 7 other rat kids and is a very happy rat. He is very playful, and loves food, he will beg and beg and beg for food and than won't even eat it he will stash it, sometimes in several different locations too. But lucky for me i usually let the boys out first and than the girls so the girls usually find his stashes later when they come out, so not many leftover start rotting away.

Boomer checking out the bed.

Boomer exploring the bed.

Psy & Boomer relaxing.

Psy & Boomer's scratch & clean session.

When Boomer got here, he lived with our one eyed guy, Psy for a short time until Psy passed away, here they are eating some snacks together.

Here is Boomer exploring the Turtle basket Mom bought for the rat kids.

Boomtastic on the bed.

Boomer having a snuggle.

Boomer peaking out of his tent.

Boomer taking a bath.

Boomer on the look out.

Coming through -Lab block express.

Oxnard Monkey:

Born 9/5/06. Oxnard is a hairless rat. He is a little guy! Oxnard has misaligned teeth and needs help trimming them frequently.

Oxnard Checking things out.

Oxnard hiding in the corner.

Look at Oxnard stretch!

Oxnard taking a minute to clean his face.

Oxy eating some rice.