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Girl Rat Photos
Oblina Monkey:
Oblina's mom was Anarchy girl, her brothers Murky, Lurky and Bodom. She is a very big girl, she likes to go exploring. She spent most of her life hanging out with her Mom, Anarchy girl. She is very well behaved and likes to visit with people. Oblina out exploring.

Look at the pretty girl

Oblina out playing.

Oblina out for a snack

Demona Monkey:
Demona is an agouti with a white blaze on her face. She was born with amisaligned jaw/teeth. This require for her to have teeth trimmings about every 4 days, she does not like it very much. Demona is a very small itty bitty and keeps finding her way to where ever the boys are. She has had 2 litters already. Demona hanging out in her cage

Demona having some cereal

Demona still drinking some milk

Deceased Ratkids:

Devilina Monkey & Moon Monkey:

These girls were born at my work, a local breedery, then taken to a Vo Tech college for a semester, than they were brought back and i got these two. They are both very soft and playful.
Devilina running about.

Devilina running on the bed.

Devilina peeking at Mom.

Devilina peeking at the boys.

Devilina eating some rice .

Moon hanging out on the bed.

Moon running about.

Moon stopping for a scratch.

Moon hanging out.

Nova Monkey:

Nova was supposed to be a Female breeder at my work, but she never had any babies, and is presumed sterile. I always admired her and finally got to bring her home. She is a very active, curious less hair!
Got Nova 2/23/06 presumed over 6 months old.

Nova checking out the bed rat area.

Nova slinking around.

Nova says "Hi."

Sango Monkey:

Got Sango 2/26/06 approx. 4 months old. She is a Siamese rat. She is very playful and small!

Sango backed into the corner.

Sango Yawning.

Sango snacking away.

Sango peeking out from the bed area.

Sea Monkey, Nirvana Monkey & Shock Monkey:

These black girls are Sango's children. Sea is a bit of a loner and explorer. Nirvana likes to come and visit & Shock likes to squeak alot when you hold her. All 3 are petite little girls who like to try to cause trouble and sneak under the door to the basement.
Sea's "C" symbol.

Sea having a scratch.

Sea showing off her symbol again.

Shock in shock.

Pretty Nirvana.

Pregnant Nirvana, showing off her belly.

Sweetie Girl:

Sweetie was a sweetie, she loved to bunny hop around and play.
Sweetie played with all the boys, she was an ex lab rat and must have been sterile or fixed because we never had any babies! Brought Sweetie home winter of 1998. Died 10/15/99.

Starlite Monkey:

Starlite Monkey, Mother to two litters, Nibbler, Freak, Crass, Galaxy, Twink, Party, Raindrop, Flame & Doozer. Starlite loved Nails Monkey very much and was quite upset when he passed away. Starlite was very cuddily and friendly, she loved to bunny hop all over the pace, and you could alwasy be guarenteed if she heard a snack she would be right there begging. She taught all of her kids very well.
Got Starlite 3/04, over a year old. Died: 8/5/05.

Starlite exploring, eating some snacks.
Starlite is very soft and cuddily and loves to play and explore with her girls.

Starlite after her lump removal on her arm.

Starlite hanging out.

Starlite checking things out.

Starlite drinking from the fountain.

Starlite stops to say Hi.

Starlite cleaning Mom's fingers.

Starlite snuggling with Mom.

Galaxy Monkey:

Born 4/10/04, Mother Starlite, father Nails. Died 4/18/06.
Galaxy roaming the bed.

Galaxy begging for attention.

Galaxy posing nicely.

Galaxy hanging out on the bed.

Galaxy sitting on the side of the water dish, taking a bath and getting a drink.

Galaxy taking a break on the pillows.

Twink Monkey:

Twink was very energetic and friendly, she loved to snuggle and cuddle on your lap.
Born 4/10/04, Mother Starlite, father Nails. Died 4/4/06

Spotted you, Twink!

Shoulder riding, Twink.

Famous Cage bar chewer, Twink.

Twink taking a break.

Twink munching on a snack.

Twink Stretching.

Twink peeking out from her tent house.

Raindrop Monkey:

Born 6/23/04, Mother Starlite, presumed father Nails. Died 12/26/05.
Raindrop has always been a sneezy, wheezy little girl, we have tried lots of medicines and nothing seems to work. She is very friendly and loves to cuddle and lick your hands, she is very active and likes to hide under blankets to keep warm. Raindrop is a very tiny little girl, she appears the size of a 5 month old girl, but is much older than that!

Baby Raindrop chewing on Starlite Mom's tail.

It's an itty bitty!

Shoulder riding Raindrop.

Raindrop eating a snack on the chair.

Raindrop digging for some good food.

Raindrop munchin' a snack.

Raindrop, Cleaning her hands.

Raindrop getting close and personal with her food.

Raindrop likes to stand alot!

Punky Monkey:

Punky was a white Rex with very thin hair, which made her pink skin show through making her appear pink. Punky was a breeder at my work and she gave birth and had complications and couldn't take care of the babies. I brought her home to try to fatten her up and get her feeling well and unfortunatly she only lived with us a month and a half. She was super friendly and was just beggining to learn how to explore everywhere. Got Punky 10/14/05. Died: 11/24/05.
Punky hanging out on the bed.

Punky coming to say "Hi" to Mom.

Punky in the middle of a bath.

Punky hanging out on the bed.

Punky checking things out.

Punky munchin on a snack.

Party Monkey:

Born 4/10/04, Mother Starlite, Father Nails.

Here's Party!

Party with her baby brother Flame. (Before he was weened)

Party begging at the door "Let me out, i want to get out!"

Party learned quickly the Famous rat patented spit drinking manouver.

Party hanging out on the window sill.

Party's been spotted -ahh! hide!

Sweetheart Party.


Party exploring.