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Furry Photos (Rainbow Bridge Furry boys)
Rainbow Bridge Boys

Here are pictures of my beloved boys who have passed on.

Cheeba Monkey:

Cheeba Monkey was my very first rat!
Brought to live with me 11/30/96, Died 2/11/98.
Cheeba loved to have stripes drawn on his tail and also liked his hair to be dyed green from time to time. Cheeba loved to steal snacks from anyone who had them. Cheeba Monkey also liked to chew up very nice stuffed animals :)
Cheeba had his very own rat bed and play areas and was free to roam the whole house. Cheeba loved snacks and would beg from anyone who had any -and keep begging for more! :)

Punker Monkey & Felix Monkey:

Brought to live with us 2/14/98, Felix died 4/14/00, Punker died 12/24/00.
Felix & Punker were Twins -notice Punker's Green hair to help us tell the two twins apart.
Felix was a shy mellow type who loved to boggle his eyes and fix his hair.
Punker had a very punk attitude and lived to be our oldest rat being 3 years old.
Both rats were very friendly and happy guys and loved snack time!
Felix & Punker hiding in their tube house.

Punker -My Rats more punk then you!
Punker loved sneaking in dresser drawers and chewing up our clothes.

Fuzzy Mota Monkey:

Brought to live with us 3/98, died 4/14/00.
Fuzzy Mota was a very cuddly boy and liked to sleep on the bed near us and he was a major spit hound.
Fuzzy Mota was very curious and loved to nibble on everything.
He was also well known for trying to drag off full slices of pizza.

Pinchy Mota Monkey:

Brought to live with us 11/18/99, died 6/3/01
Pinchy was very personable and friendly. He loved peanut butter cups and to be pet.

Steamer the Anarchist Monkey:

We brought Steamer & Stoner home together 4/00, Steamer died 5/28/01
Steamer had breathing troubles (Mycoplasma) since the day we brought him home and once stopped breathing and we managed to give him cpr and save him.
Steamer was very shy and didn't like to be bothered or handled by humans very much.
Steamer & Stoner were best friends and almost always together.
Here is Steamer on the bed hanging out & with his brother, Stoner on a rat bed.

Stoner the Antichrist Monkey:

Brought home with Steamer 4/00, died 7/9/02.
Stoner and Steamer were best friends and Stoner was fairly nice while Steamer was around, but after Steamer passed away Stoner got very upset and turned into a very severe biter. Stoner did not want any rat friends but would tolerate some rats for short periods of time.
You always needed to approach Stoner and handle him with caution.
Here is Stoner watching the surroundings.

Stoner scratching away.

Stoner having a drink.

Resi Mota Monkey:

Brought home with Sativa & Bogey on 6/6/01, died 11/14/02.
Resi Mota was Mr. petite & Delicate. He loved to sit and play in plants, resting so sweetly under the leaves.
Resi Mota was a very picky eater and only would eat as much as he was hungry for and leave the rest.
Resi was known for eating the outside ring off of Fruit Loops and leaving a smaller fruit loop for one of his brothers to find later.
Here is Resi hiding in the plants.

Here is a collage of Resi Mota.

Bogey Monkey:

Brought home with Resi Mota & Sativa on 6/6/01, died 1/5/03.
Bogey was very playful and loved to explore. Bogey was also easily spooked if you snook up on him!
Bogey also was a big spit and food hound.
Here is Bogey spooked by the camera & happily taking a nap.

Sativa Monkey:

Brought home with Bogey & Resi Mota on 6/6/01, Died 2/8/03.
Sativa was our little surviver, he once got his head stuck in a loose string in a towel and we found him just in time to free him.
Sativa also once had a severe ear infection and loved to shake his head after i dropped the medicine in his ears and spray it all over my face! hehe
Sativa loved to hide for numerous hours without me seeing him, causing me to worry about him alot.

Melvin Monkey:

Brought home with Zombie 8/24/01, died 1/23/02.
Melvin was a very shy rat.
Melvin was very skittish and would run and hide if he heard any noise.

Here is one of my favorite pictures -the rat pile!
How many rats can fit under a chair?, i guess the answer was 5 on this day!

Zombie Monkey:

Brought home with Melvin 8/24/01, Died 8/14/02.
Zombie was a master paper house builder.
Zombie loved to build newspaper houses all through the night keeping Mom and Dad awake.
Zombie thought anything that came in front of his face was food!
Zombie's favorite spot to sleep was on top of the vacuum -he had plenty of soft places to hide but preferred the vacuum for some reason.

Squatter Monkey:

Brought to live with us 10/11/00, Died 2/10/02.
Squatter was cream colored with red hairs mixed in, he was very unique.
Squatter was a huge cuddle bug and loved being with people.
He was super well behaved and got spoiled with lots of snacks.
Squatter loved to sit up and take baths for hours on end.

Squatter, the loyal bed rat.


Brought to live with us 6/17/01, Died 9/28/02.
Zeppelin was a very friendly cutie rat. His favorite snack was Peanut Butter cups.
Zeppelin was quite content being pet and always wanted to be near people.

Nails Monkey:

Brought to live with us 1/3/04, Died 11/17/04.
At first Nails was very wild, he refused to stay in his cage for the first few months until we rescued a female, Starlite who he fell in love with and got pregnant -Twice!
Nails boys all moved in with him, he loved it, he loved having so many friends.
Nails trained all of his male kids very well.
Nails drinking water.

Nails hanging out

Nails eating a snack.

Nails & son, Flame being lazy boys.

Rebel Monkey:

Brought home with Sid 10/3/02, Died 1/9/05
Rebel didn't like to be held very much. He didn't mind being pet along as he was sitting next to you and not on you. Rebel was very independent and went off doing his own thing alot of times. His hairless rat friends, Trip & Sid liked to use Rebel as a pillow because he was so furry.
We called Rebel "The Furriest of furries!"
Here is baby Rebel when he still wasn't sure what to make out of us!

Here's furry Rebel!

Rebel, Trip & Sid were all best friends and loved to sleep in a rat pile cuddling up with Rebel for warmth.

Furry Rebel getting some scratching.

Rebel exploring.

Shadow Monkey:

Brought home with Ashes 9/22/03, died 5/26/05.
Shadow was a Jumbo Dumbo Blue Berkshire rat. Shadow and Ashes were brothers and best friends and were you found one you usually found the other not far away. Good jumper. Shadow liked to hide in the shadows, just out of sight.

Baby Shadow
Who would have thought that little tiny baby would grow up to be such a fatty?

Shadow out in his house exploring.

Shadow hanging out in the Pound puppy house.
"Are you looking at me?"

Shadow eating a snack.

Extreme Shadow close up.

For Shadow there was only one way off the bed and that's was to do one big jump to the rat house near the bed.
Here is Shadow's big jump.

Ashes Monkey:

Brought home with Shadow 9/22/03. Died 11/26/05. 2 years and 3 months old!
Ashes was a Jumbo Dumbo Blaze mis-marked hooded rat.
Ashes was very friendly towards people. Ashes loves to explore the whole house and likes to make stops in front of girls cage to see if he can catch a sniff of them.
Ashes & Shadow doing rattie things.

Here is Shadow & Ashes just hanging out.

Ashes hanging out in his Pound puppy house.

Ashes hanging out.

I found you, Ashes.

Ashes curled up sleeping in a ball under the plants.

Ashes eating some corn.

Ashes hanging out on the bed.

Crass Monkey:

Crass Monkey born 4/10/04, Mother Starlite, Father Nails. Died 11/24/05.
Crass wass a very friendly guy, he loved spit and snacks. He also liked to explore where drinks are placed and spill them over.
Did you spill Mom's drink, Crass?!

Crass Monkey, that funky monkey!

Crass and Doozer

Watch out, Crass has spotted the beverage!

Crass eating some food.

Crass sleeping in his litter box.

Freak Monkey:

Born 4/10/04, Mother Starlite, Father Nails. Died 11/29/05.
Freak was always the skinniest of the bunch and ended up sleeping through meals on occasion. Very friendly, liked to bunny hop around. Tends to squeak a bit when you pick him up.
Freak says "I was napping, until you came along."

Freak and Scruffy taking a nap.

Freak watching the girls.

Freak just hanging out.

Flame Monkey:

Born 6/19/04, Mother Starlite, Father Nails. Died 11/26/05.
Flame was born with one small squinty eye and one normal eye, which made him appear happy from one side and grumpy from the other side. Flame is very friendly but wasn't to found of being held, he would rather sit next to you. Flame always approached every room or new area with caution.
Here's Flame sharpening his nails to make sure they are plenty sharp!



Doozer Monkey:

Born 6/19/04, Mother Starlite, Father Nails. Died 11/8/05.
Doozer was born with his feet turned sideways, and because of this he would stand sort of arched. It is referred to as "Frog leg syndrome." We were not to sure at first he would make it but he learned how to eat and drink and get around all on his own. He can not climb levels, but got around quite well and fast!
Baby Doozer

Because of Doozer's condition he has a hard time cleaning and scratching his whole body, so a frequent bath is necessary to make him feel better.
Doesn't Doozer look handsome after a bath?

Isn't Doozer a cutie?

Here's Doozer doozin' around.

Doozer eating some food.

Doozer proping himself up to get a drink.

Doozer saying "Hi."

Nibbler Monkey:

Born 4/10/04, Mother Starlite, Father Nails. Died 12/3/05.
Nibbler is very explorative, he loves to hunt down where the box of yogurt drops were left and find a way to get to them and eat them all. Likes to nibble on fingernails. Spit hound.

Nibbler hanging out.

Nibbler -you aren't going to pick me up, are you?


Chaos Monkey:

Got Chaos 9/14/05, approx. 5 months old. Died 1/9/06.
Chaos is a black Bershire Rex. He was a bit on the timid side and tended to run away at the littlest noise.

Here is Chaos hanging out in a rat room on the bed.

Here are the brothers, Chaos & Riot hanging out on the bed together.

Scruffy Monkey:

Brought home 7/5/04. Scruffy is Agouti colored.
At first Scruffy wasn't to sure what to think of us, but he made fast friends with Nails and the rest of the group accepted him. Scruffy is now a bit of a bully always wanting to wrestle with the other rats -even if they are sleeping. Very nice and friendly.

Scruffy resting.

Scruffy the Scruffleupagus.

Scruffy says "I played to much I'm tired."

Scruffy Scratching.

Lightening Monkey:

Born 10/23/04. Mother Raindrop, Presumed father Ashes.
Lightening is a little bit of a shy guy. He loves to climb the girls cage and sit right in front of it squeaking and talking with all of the girls. A little bit sneaky.
Here's baby Lightening exploring.

Lightening says "Hmm.. nobody's home guess i better go look for them on the floor.

Lightening running around.

Lightening -Busted with a snack in his mouth.

Lightening eating yet another snack.

Thunder Monkey:

Born 10/23/04. Mother Raindrop, Presumed father Ashes.
Thunder is very friendly, likes to explore. Usually follows one of the older boys around. Curious.
Here's cutie Thunder.

Mom says "Thunder, you better not be chewing on mom's caterpillar toy."

Thunder hanging out.

Chopper Monkey:

Born 10/30/05. Chopper is a cream colored Dark eyed Rex and soft as can be! He is very friendly and cuddly.

Chopper taking a bath.

Chopper out and about.

Chopper running around.

Chopper eating a snack.

Chopper walking around.

Chopper eating some corn.

Chopper & Saturn cuddling.

Riot Monkey:

Riot is white with a black hood Rex. He thinks he is alpha and loves to rub himself and scent mark over everything! Riot's nickname is "With teeth" as he likes to bite other monkey's so has been forced to live by himself, but he doesn't mind.
Riot cleaning himself.

Riot exploring the "bed rat" area.

Riot Playing on the bed again.

Here is Riot & His brother Chaos in their house.

Mom's got you, Riot.

Riot with glowing eyes.

Riot in front of his house.

Riot investigating.

Riot on a shoulder ride.

Riot taking a break.

Fraggle Monkey:

11/16/05 Approx 4 1/2 weeks old. Fraggle Monkey injured his eye somehow right after being weaned, so i took him home to try to nurse him back to health. He is doing very well, At first his eye was a bit scary looking and needed daily cleaning, but now the eyelids have pretty much covered his socket and he basically looks like a normal rat, many people don't even notice he is missing an eye until you look very closly.

Here is Fraggle sitting on his food dish eating a snack.

Fraggle hanging out on the bed.

Fraggle eating a Rice Krispies treat.

Fraggle hanging out on the bed.

Fraggle taking a quick rat nap break..

Fraggle cuddling.

Fraggle stretched out resting on the bed.

Fraggle hanging out.

Fraggle taking a nap.

Fraggle hanging out on the couch.

Zim Monkey & Gir Monkey:

Born 7/26/06 to Sea. Zim is a white Siamese. Gir is a gray/Blue.

"I caught a Gir!"

Gir lounging.

Zim running about.

Brother huddle.

Glomer Monkey:

Born 10/7/05. Glomer was born with an Outtie belly button! Glomer is a Hooded Dumbo.

Glomer hiding in the corner of the bed rat area.

Glomer checking things out.

Glomer eating a snack.

Glomer Peaking over the headboard of the bed.

Glomer out exploring.

Glomer creeping around.

Glomer taking a breather.

Cooler Monkey

Born 7/1/06 to Nirvana. Cooler is a black Dumbo. His brother is Wembley.
Cooler is a sweetheart and likes to take a daily scratching in the doorway.
Cooler & Wembley peeking out of their cage.

Sneaking out for a glance at the world.

Cooler says "Eek, don't touch me!"

Cooler eating a snack.

Cooler, no doubt peeing on the phone. .

Cooler, nice and slick from a bath.

Cooler & Danzig peaking out of their cage..

Wembley Monkey:
Born 7/1/06 to Nirvana. Wembley is a black hooded dumbo. Cooler was his brother.
Wembley is a bit of a Mom hater and doesn't liked to be bugged to much. He is an aligator rat when it comes to food.
Cooler & Wembley peeking out of their cage.

Sneaking out for a glance at the world.

"We see you, Wembley."

Wembley being a bed rat.



Grandpa Wembley over 2 1/2!

Wembley peeking out of his cage.

Stewart Monkey
Born Stewart is a white Siamese. Stewart and his brother Danzig were brothers.

Baby Stewart

Stewart checking things out.

Stewart exploring the bed.

Stewart giving Hamtaro a ride.

Big Alpha Stewart.

Stewart out climbing his stairs.

Stewart checking out the bed.

Stewart hanging out with Mom.

Murky Monkey & Lurky Monkey
Murky is blue and has 2 small eyes, he is super friendly and loves to steal stuff and is a huge stash rat troublemaker! Lurky is a scardy rat, you only see him when he is eating. He is a blue rex. Murky and Lurky are brothers, Sons of Anarchy girl, sister Oblina & brother BodomRecently Murky has been getting a bit aggressive a being a biter rat, i am trying to fix that, Lurky is always the first one in the kitchen looking for dinner on the dinner plate.

Murky & Lurky.

Murky & Lurky.

Murky & Lurky.

Lurky resting.

Lurky seeing what Mom's up to.

Murky sitting on the chair.

Murky standing.

Murky peeking out of his igloo.

Murky taking a bath.