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Plush & Figures.
School items, Accessories,
Backpacks, purses, clocks,
Crafts & Games.
Music items, Clothing items,
Kitchen items, books,
movies & Misc. items.
2003/2004 items.

This is an information site to help collectors find out what items exist.
These items are NOT for sale!

This site is for information purposes and these items are NOT for sale!
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Music items:

  • Rainbow Brite Recorder Musical instrument
  • Cassette player (yellow)
  • Rainbow Brite Record player (I have seen a yellow one & a blue one)
  • Yellow AM Radio Has round turn dial
  • Yellow AM radio Has button turn dials
  • Yellow AM Radio has round turn dial, has Rainbow Brite and star design on the side.
  • Rainbow Brite color your Rainbow Picture disc record
  • Rainbow Brite talking View-Master reels.
  • Rainbow Brite View-Master reels.
  • Rainbow Brite Christmas Album/Record.
  • Rainbow Brite Piano


  • Murky Dismal costume (Halloween)
  • Twink Costume (Halloween)
  • Starlite costume (Halloween)

    Clothes & related items:

  • Rainbow Brite belt, Pink with stars and Rainbow Brite written on it, has Star buckle with Rainbow Brite & Starlite on it.
  • Blue Plastic Hanger, has Rainbow Brite w/ Puppy Brite pictured on it.
  • Yellow Plastic Hanger, Has Rainbow Brite, Starlite & Twink pictured.
  • Yellow hanger with Lurky & Murky pictured on it.
  • Romeo sprite hand warmer
  • Rainbow Brite hat with patch on front.
  • White with red trim child's pajamas, Has Rainbow Brite & Starlite in a circle in the center.
  • Rainbow Brite child's pajamas, White with pink arms, has images on one side has Rainbow Brite written on top, then has Starlite with a green sprite below him and Rainbow below them, surrounded by stars.
  • Pink with purple trim child's pajamas, Lala Orange, Canary yellow, Red Butler, Twink & Rainbow Brite riding Starlite, says "Love comes in all colors."
  • White with blue stripes child's pajamas, Has Rainbow Brite & Buddy Blue playing with rainbows.
  • White with blue stripes child's pajamas, has Rainbow Brite holding bucket of gum balls.
  • Purple with purple trim child's pajamas, Has Rainbow Brite and sprites riding roller coaster.
  • White with pink stripes & trim child's pajamas, Has Rainbow Brite and sprites in hammock sleeping.
  • Pink child's pajamas with Rainbow Brite, Twink & Romeo sitting pictured on chest.
  • Child's white shirt, has Rainbow Brite shooting color out of her color belt.
  • Blue with blue trim child's pajamas, Has rainbow Brite pushing purple sprite in a wheel barrow.
  • White with pink trim & stripes child's pajamas, Has Rainbow Brite sleeping on bed with sprites sleeping on the side of the bed.
  • Rainbow Brite Red Child's suitcase
  • Pink slippers with Rainbow, Starlite & Twink on them.
  • Rainbow Brite earmuffs, has white plastic Rainbow Brite image in center of the earmuff. (Earmuffs come is colors Red, Blue & White)
  • Champ blue sprite earmuffs
  • Romeo Red Sprite earmuffs
  • Rainbow Brite Champ Onesie
  • Rainbow Brite Child's Sweatshirt, purple with Rainbow Brite & Twink pictured.

    Sleeping items:
  • Rainbow Brite Blanket
  • Rainbow Brite comforter
  • Rainbow Brite pillowcase with color castle & sprites.
  • Rainbow Brite blue sleeping bag with image of color castle and surrounding area.
  • Rainbow Brite comforter, sheets, curtains, pillow cases, table cover, canopy set.

    Kitchen Items:

  • Rainbow Brite yellow Lunch box & Thermos
  • Pink Lunch box & Thermos
  • Red rectangle lunch box, has Rainbow Brite, color kids and color village all pictured on front. (Made in Canada)
  • Rainbow Brite Blue Promotional Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Thermos.
  • Ceramic Rainbow Brite mug Has Rainbow Brite standing and throwing star sprinkles.(Made in the U.K.)
  • Ceramic Rainbow Brite and Twink logo cup (Made in the U.K.)
  • 2 plates & cup set. Plates have Rainbow Brite riding Starlite, the plastic cup has the color kids going around the cup.
  • Rainbow Brite Twink Cup, has removable plastic molded sprite hair cover.
  • Rainbow Brite soup Thermos (This is more like a bowl then the standard thermos)
  • Rainbow Brite 10 piece Tea set
  • Rainbow Brite Tea set
    Rainbow Brite twirling baton with Twink playing drum white plate, has stars around the border
  • Rainbow Brite with removable hair topper
  • Rainbow Brite lunch kit, comes with cups, thermos and yellow carrying bag.
  • Vinyl placemat, Starlite, Twink & Starlite around dinner table. (Made in the UK)
  • Rainbow Brite vinyl placemat, Has Buddy Blue, Twink, Starlite, Rainbow Brite & Canary yellow standing in front of the color village.
  • Tray with fold out legs, has Twink, Rainbow Brite, O.J, Romeo & Starlite eating apples.
  • Metal Refrigerator
  • Metal Dishwasher with sink
  • Metal stove
  • Rainbow Brite Cereal (Bet you didn't know they made cereal?!)

    Party supplies:

  • Rainbow Brite Happy Birthday candle
  • Paper party cups
  • Rainbow Brite sprite Table cover
  • Rainbow Brite valentines day party invitations
  • Rainbow Brite Party Birthday Invitations
  • Rainbow Brite Party hats
  • Rainbow Brite Party blowouts
  • Rainbow Brite Party noisemaker
  • Rainbow Brite white "Happy birthday" napkins with Twink holding balloons.
  • Rainbow Brite & Starlite napkins
  • Rainbow Brite, romeo & champ napkins
  • Rainbow Brite paper plates, yellow with sprites around edge.
  • Rainbow Brite Birthday Wrapping paper, Has color kids, color castle & sprites on it.
  • Rainbow Brite metal cake pan
  • Rainbow Brite on Rainbow cake topper figure
  • Rainbow Brite plastic sucker molds
  • Rainbow Brite plastic cake topper
  • Rainbow Brite hollow rubber figure Cake topper
  • Rainbow Brite Tablecloth
  • Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer Balloon
  • Rainbow brite Yellow party hats with Twink, Rainbow Brite & Lucky.
  • Rainbow brite & Romeo blowing party favors Napkins

    Books & Movies:

  • Rainbow Brite and the star stealer comic book
  • Rainbow Brite's treasury book (Made in the U.K.)
  • Coloring book with Rainbow Brite & 2 red sprites with a horn on front.
  • Paint and marker book.

  • Coloring book with 8 Color kids pictured on front. Yellow cover.
  • "I'm a fit kid" coloring book
  • Rainbow Brite Tack/cork board, Color castle background design.
  • Rainbow Brite pack of 16 crayons.
  • "Murky Dismal's plan of doom" hardcover book (Made in the UK)
  • "Twink's lucky escape" hardcover book (Made in the UK)
  • Rainbow Brite German comic book (1,2 & 3 made) (#2 pictured)
  • "Rainbow day celebration" coloring book
  • Rainbow Brite and the Meadow brook Deer book
  • Happy birthday Buddy blue book & tape set
  • Happy birthday Buddy Blue video
  • Rainbow Brite The Beginning of Rainbowland Video
  • Rainbow Brite and the Star stealer video
  • Might Monstromurk menace video
  • Horse of a different color video
  • Peril in the pits video
  • Rainbow Brite poster (Promo poster promoting the Rainbow Brite videos)
  • Rainbow Brite & The Star Stealer movie poster (Promotional poster promoting the movie)
  • Yellow plastic book & tape box carrier. (Made in the U.K.)
  • Rainbow Brite "Paint a Rainbow in your heart" picture record
  • Rainbow Brite Christmas Album/Record


  • Rainbow Brite, Red Butler & Twink Standing in front of Color castle Puzzle.
  • Rainbow Brite on a raft going down a river, on the sides of the river are lots of sprites Puzzle
  • Rainbow Brite throwing star sprinkles with 2 red sprites Puzzle
  • Rainbow Brite and Sprites on a roller coaster Puzzle
  • Puzzle with Indigo, Buddy blue, LaLa Orange, Red Butler & Canary yellow with Rainbow Brite & Starlite flying overhead.
  • Rainbow Brite & Twink riding Starlite pulling Red Butler, Patty-O-Green & Canary Yellow in a cart behind them puzzle.
  • Rainbow Brite riding Starlite with Red Butler & Canary Yellow standing next to them puzzle.
  • Rainbow Brite, Spark, O.J, Twink, Romeo & Hammy playing ring around the rosie puzzle.
  • Rainbow Brite, Lucky & Champ riding rainbow sailboat.
  • Rainbow Brite 11 piece 3d plastic puzzle.
  • Mini Lurky Puzzle
  • Rainbow Brite riding Starlite, Red Butler helping Twink on to the horse.
  • Rainbow Brite Puzzle Poster -Has Rainbow Brite painting a Rainbow with Twink.

    Misc. Items:

  • Rainbow Brite kaleidescope
  • Rainbow Brite 1983 Press kit. 10 pages of cartoon info, 4 black and white press photos, Comes in folder.
  • Rainbow Brite & Twink store cardboard display
  • Framed Wall picture -Has Rainbow Brite, Starlite & Sprites with yellow stars.
  • Framed Wall picture - "This is my space, my own special place where i can dream and grow" Has Rainbow Brite in front of color castle.
  • Framed Wall hanging, Has buddy blue, Twink & Rainbow Brite on a slide.
  • Rainbow Brite moving image picture toy, moves to "Over the Rainbow" song.
  • Rainbow Brite & Twink Lamp.

  • Rainbow Brite & Twink riding Starlite lamp. (Made in the U.K.)
  • Rainbow Brite "Double-Takes" picture, move picture to one side to see one picture move it the other direction to reveal another picture.
  • Rainbow Brite toy box on wheels. Has Rainbow Brite on front with sprites on the sides.
  • Rainbow Brite bench toy box.
  • Rainbow Brite roller Skates, White with Rainbow image on the side. (comes with Velcro & Shoelaces, comes in many children's sizes.)
  • Starlite bank
  • Rainbow Brite bank
  • Rainbow Brite crayon tin, looks like a crayon, opens up to store stuff inside.
  • Rainbow Brite & Starlite Garbage can
  • Rainbow Brite Child's Banana seat Bicycle/bike
  • Rainbow Brite play telephone, has white phone with Rainbow standing on top.
  • Rainbow Brite play Telephone, has red phone with Rainbow standing on top.
  • Rainbow Brite Play Telephone, takes batteries, you put on phone in one room and the other phone in another room. Yellow with Rainbow Brite sitting on one side and Twink sitting on the other side.
  • Doll bunk bed
  • Doll cradle, has Twink on the inside, Has rainbow Brite riding Starlite on the front, and a painted on pillow and sheets on the bottom. One side comes down.
  • Rainbow Brite riding Starlite, Yellow star, Twink, Romeo & Champ wood wall hanging set.
  • Rainbow Brite & Buddy blue with 3 sprites coat wall hanger
  • Large Rainbow Brite room mirror, on blue stand, bottom has color kids pictured.
  • Rainbow Brite coat rack, has O.J. & Hammy sprites w/ Rainbow Brite pictured on the bottom.
  • Doll highchair, blue & White with Rainbow Brite & Starlite on back of seat.
  • Rainbow Brite child's table & chairs
  • Rainbow Brite roller coaster play set
  • Rainbow Brite play tent
  • Velcro dart board with Rainbow Brite, Starlite & Twink.
  • Beach ball
  • Red Toy watch (Has picture of sprite on it.)
  • Rainbow Brite Humming spinning top (Metal)

    And more!
    Will add more when i find it.
    If you know of an item not listed on these pages, Please email me and let me know!

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    Dolls, Doll accessories, Sprites,
    Plush & Figures.
    School items, Accessories,
    Backpacks, purses, clocks,
    Crafts & Games.
    Music items, Clothing items,
    Kitchen items, books,
    movies & Misc. items.
    2003/2004 items.

    This is an information site to help collectors find out what items exist.
    These items are NOT for sale!

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