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Transformers, Beast wars, Beast Machines & Misc. Transforming toys:
  • Transformers bird, missing back piece, very good shape. $4.50
  • Transformers car from McDonald's. Complete. $.75
  • Transformers Triceridon? Dinosaur transformer. Missing missile, otherwise i believe complete. $5
  • Transformers Prowl? Cat/Panther, missing back foot, otherwise i believe complete. $3
  • Transformers small blue tank with 2 missiles. Complete. $4
  • Mini cons Transformers Dump truck, Rocket & car. complete. $2.50 for set of 3.
  • Transformers movie Bumblebee hard PVC figure. $1
  • 1985 Green and purple Transformer, Crab to robot? Great shape, complete. $3
  • Vintage Transformers tractor, i think front arm may have end broken off. Stickers are peeling a bit. $.50
  • Transformers Single sheet, no rips or stains that i can see, the elastic is a bit stretched. Great for crafts or whatnot! $4

  • Beast Wars Snapper Snapping Turtle Transformer. Missing 1 back leg, hardly noticeable. $3
  • Beast Wars Tigertron Transformer. Appears complete! Hard to find $10

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