2001 & 2002 Popples

In 2001 Popples started being made again for a short time.
In 2001 A company called Toymax acquired the rights to make Popples Toys from Those Characters from Cleveland Inc.

(a Subsidarary of American Greetings.)

This site is for informational purposes only and these items are NOT for sale.

Below is a list of the 2001 & 2002 Popples items that were made.

2001 Toyfair Promo clip-on/keychains:

The *New* Popples made their debut in Feburary 2001 at the New York Toyfair.

There are 2 promo popples, that look just like the later named "Cutie Fruitys" but are slightly larger and they are clip ons and keychains. One is yellow and has the name "Lemon drop" embroidered on pouch, which is a different name than the name they ended up going with "Lemon ade". The green one has the name "Apple crisp" on pouch. They both come with a paper hang tag that says "Whats popping at the Toyfair 2001?". They both have embroidery on foot and chest.

Cutie Fruity Popples:

The first actual releases of the Popples toys onto store shelves was The Cutie Fruity Popples around July 15th 2001.
The Cutie Fruity Popples are clip ons, that you can clip on to clothing, backpacks or where ever you like.

Their names are:
  • Lemon-ade
  • Blueberry pie
  • Strawberry shake
  • Apple crisp.

  • There are two versions of the Cutie Fruity Popples.
    The 1st. Edition has no fruit embroidery on foot and on the paper hang tag it says item #/1.
    The 2nd Edition does have fruit embroidery on foot, on the paper tag it says item #/2.
    Those are the only differances i can find.
    The Cutie Fruity Popples when delivered to the stores to be sold came with a cardboard display box to display the popples in. Since most stores just throw their boxes away it is hard to find.

    Electronic Popples:

    This Popple was predicted to be one of the top selling christmas items for 2001, at a cost of $24. This Popple was to make noises, it is unknown if it was to transform. This Popple was not released for the predicted 2001 x-mas season and is not known to exist..

    Popples Bank:

    There is only one Popples bank to be known in existance, and i have it! It is made by Monogram International which is a subsidiary of Toymax, which specializes in "Promo" type items. It has the name "Polka Dottie" sewn on foot but it does not resemble the "Polka Dottie" Popple. This Popple is white and has a slit in the back of it's neck where you drop in the money. to remove the money you unzip a zipper on it's bottom. This item has no washing instructions tag. The box is taped together and has no UPC. The back of the box where they usually show other items that were made is blank.

    Classic/Basic Popples:

    There are 3 Popples in this series.
    These Popples came with a video(VHS) with 2 episodes on it, "What's poppin' at the library" & "Cookin up a storm."
    All 3 Popples came with the same video. The video's cover shows 2001 Popples on the cover but the videos are actually old 1980's Popples cartoons. The 80's cartoon videos did not have these two particular episodes on the same tape, they came on diferent tapes.
  • Polka Dottie who is pink with purple spots
  • Pinwheel Penny who is green and blue striped
  • Pixie Doodle who is tye dyed.

    Classic Popples with Pal:

    These Popples are slightly smaller than the original Classic Popples.
    They were only made of:
  • Polka Dottie
  • Pixie Doodle
  • There was not one made of Pinwheel Penny..

    Some differances i have noticed between the classic popples & classics w/ pal are:
    These Popples ears are all one fabric while the other Classic Popples ears are kind of rough.
    These popples have "Pixie Doodle Popple" and "Polka Dottie Popple" embroidered on one foot while the other "Classic Popples" have only the names embroidered with no "Popple"
    These boxes also have the names on the top of the box, while the others have no names on the top of the box.
    Pixie Doodle Popple comes with a yellow pal and Polka Dottie Popple comes with a purple pal
    Coincidently the Popples pal is a revised Cutie Fruity Popple. This Popple pal has no embroiderary like the Cutie fruitys do and has hair and ears instead of fruit stems on it's head.

    Snoozytime Popples:

    The Snoozy-time Popple is wearing pajama outfit and nightcap. This popple has 5 lights on his tummy that light up when you press his hand, the lights stay lit for aprrox. 1 to 2 minutes. The lights appear to be yellow until lit up them they turn red. The popple has green hair sticking out from under his nightcap.
    When the popple is transformed you can unvelcro his back to change his batteries. This popple also has "Snoozy - Time" embroidered on one foot.
    This item is pictured on the back of the 2001 Popples boxes, but no one could find one until 8/7/02 when one was spotted on ebay sold from Australia. This Popple was not released in the U.S.
    Note: On the back of the Snoozytime Popples box the Popple pictured has no name embroidery on foot, when the plush does.

    Glow Charm Popples:

    All the Glow Charm Popples have lights on their tummies and ears and transform into pouches with shapes, they also have lights in their noses. All of the Glow charm Popples sing when you press one of their ears, all of them sing diferent songs.

    There names are:
  • Pitter-Patty transforms into a heart pouch and is pink and has heart antennas & tail
  • Pizazzy-jazzy is orange and turns into a star and has star antennas & tail
  • Popsy-Daisy is white and transforms into a flower and has flower antennas & tail.
    These Popples have whatever shape they are on their hands & feet, and all have their names embroidered on one foot.

    Celebrity Popples:

    On Nov. 15 there were 9 Popples put up for auction on Ebay.
    The 15th was actually a day to promote the auctions and the 16th is when the auctions actually started. They are one of a kind Popples designed by fashion designers, musicians & actors, and also come with the original template that the designers used to design the one of a kind popples. All of the Popples started out at a $50 bid price. Here is the list of the designers and the prices their Popples sold for (some of the Popples were given names and some were not, the Popples that were given names had their names stitched on one foot while the other foot had the designers signature on the other foot):
  • Melissa Joan Hart, Patriot Popple sold for $310
  • Ananda Lewis, Americana Popplerana sold for $182.50
  • Shoshanna Lonstein, no name popple sold for $242.50
  • Christina Ricci, Subway Popple sold for $270
  • Nicole Miller, Tiger Lilli sold for $345
  • Jessica Biel, Star lite Popple sold for $237.50
  • Elisa Donovan, no name Popple sold for $105
  • Rachael Leigh Cook, Hopper dopple popple sold for $405
  • Tiffany (the 80's singer), Star Popple sold for $265
    All the proceeds went to The Starbright Foundation which is an organization to help ill children, that is chaired by Steven Spielberg.
    Here is a picture of the celebrity designed popples!

    Popples shirts:

    *American Greetings has also licensed out some of the Popples Pictures/designs so they could be put on Shirts and stickers. There are around 30 shirt designs that i have seen so far
    Here is a picture of some of the Popples shirts that i have seen.

    Popples Stickers:

  • 2001 Popples sticker, has Party & Potato chip sleeping in their pouches.
  • 2001 popples sticker, has the whole group of 9 popples pictured.
  • Popples valentines w/ sticker sheet were released in 2/2002, only available at Toys R US Stores! There are 35 to a box and they also come with a sheet of stickers, the valentines feature, all 3 Glow charm Popples and Polka Dottie & Pinwheel Penny Classic Popples. Pixie Doodle Popple is on the stickers but there are no valentines with her on them. (The valentines were released for 2002 but are marked 2001 probably because they were printed early to be ready for the holiday.)
  • 2002 P.C Glitter sticker
  • 2002 Popples sticker pk. w/ 2 sheets

    2002 Popples items:

    5/2002 A Company called "Kalan Trendsetting gifts and Novelties" has leased the rights to Popples from "Those Characters from Cleveland" to make some Popples items. So far here is the items i have found:
  • 2002 Popples Memo Notebook
  • 2002 Popples Pen
  • 2002 Popples Folder
  • 2002 Popples Keychain
  • 2002 Popples Glitter stickers (There is one sheet of stickers with 8 stickers on it.)
  • 2002 Popples Tin keychain

  • P.C. embroidered patch

    Popples Cards:

    American Greetings (who owns Those Characters from Cleveland) & Carlton cards (American Greetings subsidary Co.) has released many Popples Greeting cards.

  • Birthday card "For a special 5 year old" in the shape of a 5, blue card, yellow 5, Has Pitter patty on front.
  • Birthday card "For a fun girl who's 4" in the shape of a 4, green card, pink 4, Has Pitter Patty & Pizazzy Jazzy on front.
  • Birthday card, Purple, "For a special 5 year old, Popples really like birthdays..", Has Popsy Daisy & Pizzazy Jazzy with ice cream cone.
  • Birthday card "Hi, Bithday girl, Who's hoping your birthday is giggle-filled and happy as can be?" Has Pitter Patty on front, open card and pouch is on front, Pitter Patty on inside.

  • Birthday card "For a fun girl who's 4! Polka Dottie & Pijazzy jazzy on the front with flowers.
  • Birthday card, "Hi, Birthday girl!" Pitter Patty on the front of yellow card.
  • White Birthday card, "For a special girl, Hooray it's your 3rd birthday and the perfect time for fun..", has Pitter patty, Pizazzy Jazzy & Popsy Daisy in circles pictured on front.

  • Birthday card "Hi, birthday girl" green w/ Pitter Patty on it.
  • Birthday card "For a special girl, Hooray its your 3rd birthday" blue card w/ Pinwheel penny & Pitter patty with heart balloons.

  • Birthday card "For a fun girl whos 4" purple card w/ Pitter patty w/ 4 balloon.
  • Birthday card "For a fun girl who's 4!." Has Polka dottie and pizazzy jazzy on front with flowers.

    On the American Greetings website they have Popples, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake & Get along gang email Greeting cards that you can email to friends!
    www.American Greetings.com

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