This page is designed to help Glo Friends collectors identify their Glo Friends collectibles, and to find out what Glo Friends exist.

These toys are not for sale, this page is for information purposes only!

However deep the shadows,
However dark the night,
Theres nothing to fear,
Glo friends are here,
with a warm and friendly light.


Pink body with big white wings, pink hat.

Orange body, purple hat, 6 arms, 4 white wings.
(Comes with Glo-land & sold separately)
Glo Boonie Beetle

Purple body, dark purple bow on head, white & pink wings with purple spots.

Green around back of neck, Blue wings, orange hat, holding green book & Pencil.

8 legs, Dancing spider, orange shirt with blue bow & shoes, purple hat & cane.

Pink & blue striped body, pink hat, blue wings.

Green, wearing white & blue baseball hat, Rolls on floor, Glo Slugger rides on back.

Pink wings with white & blue designs, green hat, holding star wand.
Glo Cappy

Pink body, hands on hips, blue hat.
Glo Country Mouse's friend

Green & Yellow body, red hat, white wings.
Glo Country Mouse
Purple Mouse wearing blue hat.
Glo Cappy rides on back.

Holding accordion, blue shirt, red hat.
Glo Dipper Duck

Yellow duck, rolls on floor, wearing blue sailor hat,
Glo Waterbug rides on back.

Artist, Has splatter painted wings, wearing blue hat & bow tie, holding paintbrush & bucket.

Green body, big blue wings, orange glasses, wearing beanie hat with copter on it, yellow back & red wheels.
Info from ex-Hasbro employee about Dragonflyer:
There were 15 Dragonflyer's assembled at the Hasbro Pawtucket, RI headquarters in 12/85. The Glo Friends line was canceled as a result of poor audience response to the Glo Friends Save Christmas special, and the Dragon flyer's were not put into production. The 15 prototype Dragonflyer's were distributed to the various members of the product team, at least 2 of the 15 were destroyed.
The wings move up and down when rolled along and it makes a boinging sound. The head can be turned. The head and tail glow in the dark. Glo Shuttle bug was to be sold along with the Dragonflyer. The Shuttle bug was an orient import and was ordered in quantity in advance of the product release so there were a lot of them available and they were sold separately. No packaging was ever made for Dragonflyer. Other Dragonflyer's used for product testing may exist but they are not the proper colors.

Picture Curiosity of
"Friends in Dark places" website.


Red body, Has red and white fire hat, white wings.

Butterfly, purple body, hat & wings. Pink spots on wings.
This Glo Friend was only available through a Mail order offer offered in Canada, the entry form came in packages of other Glo friends figures.
Glo Garden Ant

Red w/ green farmer hat.
Glo Rabbits friend

Red hat, blue scarf, red & white lady bug spots on wings.

Green body with yellow wings.
(Comes with Glo Turtle & sold separately)
Glo Horsefly

Blue with white wings, white cowboy hat.

Green body, orange acorn hat.
Glo Prayerbug

Blue body with big closed blue eyes, pink hat, white wings.
This Glo Friend was only available through a Mail order offer offered in Canada, the entry form came in packages of other Glo friends figures.
Glo Rabbit
Blue rabbit, rolls on floor, green hat.
Glo Garden Ant rides on back.

Red body, green scarf, blue goggles on head.
Glo Dragonflyer�s friend

Purple body with green hat, holding nose.

White & Blue baseball cap, Orange body.
Bullyfrog's friend.
Purple shell, green hat with pink tassel.
Glo Sniffles Snail

Red scarf, Blue hat with white ball on end, green on back.

Blue hat, Purple shirt, Knitting a spider web.

8 arms, pink body, blue hat.
Glo Tootlebug

Blue bow, green hat, orange wings.

Yellow and green shell, opens to store stuff, rolls on floor.
Comes with Glo Hopper.
Glo Waterbug

Wearing Sailor hat & Life vest, green wings
Glo Dipper ducks friend

Green body wearing purple pajamas & hat.
Glo Cricket Stamper figure

Glo in the dark Glo Cricket figure stamper, Stamps Glo Cricket face.
Glo Worm Stamper figure

Glo in the dark Glo Worm figure stamper, Stamps Glo Worms face.
Glo Worm bubble blower

Glo in the dark Glo worm bubble blower.
Glo Butterfly Ceramic figure

Ceramic figure.
Avon Caterpillar

Orange nose & antennas, blue spots.
Made by Avon. Comes with soap in the bottom of the worm to color in the tub with.
Avon Caterpillar

Blue spots, Made by Avon. Comes with soap in the bottom of the worm to color in the tub with.
Gerber Book Worm

Green worm with book and glasses, does not glow, but I think he makes an appropriate friend! Gerber 1985.
Gerber Book Worm

Yellow with black stars down chest, yellow hat & green book. Gerber 1987. Does not glow, but I think he makes an appropriate friend! Gerber 1985.
Fake Glo cat

Glo in the dark cat, from unknown toy series but sure looks like a great friend for the Glo friends!
Soma Glo horse

Glo in the dark horse made by the company, Soma.
Soma Glo Merman

Glo in the dark Merman figure. Made by Soma 1985.
Fake Glo baby

Glo in the dark baby, not sure what company it is made by. Has baby sucking on a pacifier.
Fake Glo Monkeys

Glo in the dark Monkeys, not sure what company it is made by.
Fake Glo pink Monkey

Pink monkey.
Soma Glo Lion

Glo in the dark Lion, Made by Soma 1985.
Soma Glo bee

Glo in the dark bee. Made by Soma 1985.
Glo Pals Turtle

Glo in the dark turtle, Green body, blue shell cracks on front and back, red top hat.
Glo Pals worm

Glo in the dark worm with red crown on.
Glo Pals Snail

Glo in the dark snail.
Glo Pals Butterfly

Glo in the dark Butterfly.
Glo worm

Glo in the dark colorful worm, not sure if this is a real item or a fake.

Glo Friends sleeping bags:

The Glo Friends sleeping bags comes in many colors including:
Light Blue

Misc. items:

Glo Land -Glo Land is a big Tree house for your Glo Friends to live and play on, it comes with a light up pond, leaf chair, teeter-tooter set for 2 friends, swing that sings, moving elevator, bed, table & umbrella set and a Glo Bedbug figure.

Glo Friends Collectors case - Holds 12 Glo Friends, snaps closed.

Glo-Friends Trace and rub coloring book - This book has trace sheets so you can trace your pictures and also color them.
Glo Friends Collectors case - Holds 12 Glo Friends, snaps closed.
Glo friends lunch box & Thermos

Glo worm clip on -You clip this Glo worm onto your pocket.
Glo worm light up keychain
Glo Play tent (Actually glows in the dark)

  • Glo worm light/lamp with Rainbow background.
  • Baby Gloworm on star light/lamp.
  • White with yellow trim baby Gloworm bib.

  • Glo glitter dome

  • Glo Granny bug frame tray puzzle
  • Glo bug frame tray puzzle
  • Glo butterfly frame tray puzzle

  • Glo soap

  • Small glow worm figure that came with a My Little pony

  • New 2003 Glo worm light up keychain

  • My Little Pony and Friends comic book with Glo Friends & Potato head kids.

  • Glo Worm radio

  • Glo Blanket.

  • Glo worm baby toy.

  • Glo Worm light & learn game.

  • Learn to tell time Glo Friends clock.

  • Glo worm figural clock
  • Glo butterfly & Glo Worm Lightswitch cover
  • Glo worm squishy purse
  • Glo friends brush
  • Glo worm bank?

  • Glo Worm Crib light
  • Glo worm jack in the box
  • Glo worm in purple pajamas jack in the box
  • Glo worm wishing well toy.

  • Glo Friends poster art package.

  • Glo Friends package of stickers.

  • Glo Bug Bank

  • Glo Friends stationary set -includes notebook, Exercise book, pencil & Pencil sharpener.

  • Glo worm Sip N Clip straw figure.

  • Glo Friends Musical Crib toy.


    There are tons of plush Glo worms made new and old:
    Glo worm, in green pajamas
    Two sided white baby Glo worm
    Pink thermal Glo worm
    Blue thermal Glo worm
    Glo butterfly holding star hand, yellow body, green hat.
    Glo bug -Pink & blue striped shirt, yellow body.
    Glo turtle - Green

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